We produce
mind-blowing toys
that work like magic.

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About the Company

TRENDFORMER is an innovative company that has created incredibly unique products and is successfully presenting them on the worldwide markets. Our products are smart, fascinating, and unique toys that not only entertain but are also urged to develop perception and fine motor skills of your kids. We work with different markets and manufacture services all around the world. If you want to find something special, that means you are in the right place! Welcome to TRENDFORMER!

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About Our Products



Our plastic toys are made of high-quality materials; they are meant to bring as much fun to your kids as they actually can.

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Find out about the magic of magnetism with our fantastic magnet sets! That’s a perfect toy to increase kid’s 3D thinking, grow their imagination, and inspire creativity!

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Our construction sets help to develop your child's imagination, 3D thinking, and patience. You can build objects using the instructions or challenge your kids to implement their own ideas!

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Our clay is very soft, smooth, and non-sticky. It is designed to take your kid to the amazing journey of creating beautiful things. Believe us, when you see what your kid has created using this clay, you will be proud of your junior.

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